Services in high technology applications

We provide in the Greek market a series of services as described below in detail


Training on the use of instruments, equipment, systems and software supplied or installed by our company


Calibration of sensors, instruments and measuring devices (of temperature, humidity, solar radiation, gas flow, wind speed, etc)


Installation of automatic weather - hydrological - air pollution monitoring stations, laboratory equipment


Maintenance of automatic meteorological stations, sensors, equipment supplied by our company and cleaning of injection pumps for gasoline engines


Development of specialized software applications and customization of the Analyzer software according to specific requirements of our customers


Temperature / humidity mapping services for storage or production areas with the installation of required equipment

Product design

We can study and design special products and systems for the implementation of specific technological, scientific, educational applications of our customers.

Our company applies teleworking to the part of our staff that the nature of their work allows. In our offices there is only the necessary staff who comply with the rules and guidelines of Health Authorities regarding COVID-19. All our services and your orders are carried out properly. The most effective protection for all of us is our responsible attitude. Stay safe #StaySafe. We limit unnecessary travel and follow the instructions of the Competent Health Authorities. "Hands (wash), Distances (keep), Masks (wear)".